Michael Pento: Stocks To Fall 30-60% Until A True Fed Pivot Happens


A year ago when today’s expert appeared on this channel, he warned of an approaching bear market & economic deceleration.

Specifically, he predicted these would be caused by the simultaneous shutoff of the $trilions of government stimulus issued in the year following the global pandemic — the largest monetary & fiscal cliffs in history.

Fast forward to today & well, his outlook was right on the money.

So what does he see in store as we head into next

year? To find out, we’re fortunate to welcome macro analyst & money manager Michael Pento back to the program.

Stocks Need To Fall Further to Approach ‘Fair Value’ Says Market Data Analyst Ed Easterling


We’re now 10 months into 2022 and it’s been a pretty dismal year so far for both stocks and bonds.

Is relief in sight? Or will the bruises keep on coming?

To find out, we’ve asked market specialist Ed Easterling of Crestmont Research to return to the program and share his latest outlook with us.

Michael Pento: Stocks To Fall 40% By Spring?


Money manager Michael Pento distrusts the current rally in stocks. He thinks it’s a classic short-lived rally within a secular bear market. That, combined with the Fed interest rate hike campaign to tame inflation, which he expects to drive the economy into recession, is going to result in a 40% decline in stocks by Spring 2023.