Michael Pento: These Are The Best Assets To Own For The 2023 Bear Market


Money manager Michael Pento returns for Part 2 of our interview with him about investing in the current bear market.

Michael thinks it could fall by an additional 30-60% over the coming year, depending on Fed policy response to inflation.

He continues to recommend investors own his “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” assets: cash, long USD dollar plays, equity shorts & bonds.

Bonds have had a terrible year. But he thinks the current environment is very favorable

for US Treasurys.

He’s also becoming increasingly bullish on gold and the precious metals miners.

For Hard Times, Own Hard Assets | Tavi Costa


Here in Part 2 of our interview with hard assets investor Tavi Costa, he shares the sectors that look most attractive to him right now: metals, energy (including uranium), agriculture & soft commodities. He also likes Brazil as market, and is actively shorting US ‘growth’ stocks.

Rising Interest Rates To “Break Something”, But Also To Result In Good Values | Dylan Grice


2022 has been one of the worst-years ever so far for stocks and bonds, and the outlook for both continues to look challenged.

To find out how investors can navigate their capital to safety in such an uncertain environment, we welcome back Dylan Grice to the program.

Dylan is co-Founder of Calderwood Capital and author of the highly-respected macro research publication Popular Delusions.