Risk Of A Financial ‘Accident’ Is High | PIMCO fund manager Chris Brightman

We’re now in the final quarter of 2022, a year that will go down in the history books as one of the worst for stocks and bonds. And the outlook...

Weekly Market Recap: Will Faltering Meta/Google/Amazon/Microsoft Take The Markets Down With Them?

Meta (formerly Facebook) dropped -23% on Thursday after a disappointing earnings call. It’s now down -70%(!) year-to-date. Amazon fell -8% yesterday. It’s down -37% YTD. Google & Microsoft both dropped...

Jim Grant: Bearish Stocks, But Time To Be Bullish Bonds?

Jim Grant is the world’s foremost expert on interest rates. Their swift & violent rise around the world has injured stock prices & Jim doesn’t think the carnage in equities...

Jim Grant: Stagflation & Bear Markets To Define 2023

In the wake of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, central banks drove interest rates down to unprecedented lows and kept them there for the better part of a decade. The...

AirBnBust! How Desperate AirBnB Sellers Will Pull The Housing Market Down

I conducted an interview on Twitter Spaces the other day about the unfolding catastrophe happening with AirBnb properties across the US. I found the discussion both important & fascinating and...

ALERT: Last Chance To Lock In Guaranteed I-Bond 9.62% Return (Expires Oct 28)

Right now, I-bonds are offering an extremely attractive risk free return, especially given the current high rate of inflation – it’s possible we may never see one this generous again....

The Power Of One

Today I want to resurface an article I originally wrote a few years ago. I’m hearing so many people express feelings of defeat and despair, that they feel they have...

Weekly Market Recap: Who Will Blink First? The Fed, The Bond Market, Or The Bears?

Financial advisor Lance Roberts and Wealthion host Adam Taggart discuss everything that mattered to markets this week.

For Hard Times, Own Hard Assets | Tavi Costa

Here in Part 2 of our interview with hard assets investor Tavi Costa, he shares the sectors that look most attractive to him right now: metals, energy (including uranium), agriculture...

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