Michael Pento: These Are The Best Assets To Own For The 2023 Bear Market

Money manager Michael Pento returns for Part 2 of our interview with him about investing in the current bear market. Michael thinks it could fall by an additional 30-60% over...

Michael Pento: Stocks To Fall 30-60% Until A True Fed Pivot Happens

A year ago when today’s expert appeared on this channel, he warned of an approaching bear market & economic deceleration. Specifically, he predicted these would be caused by the simultaneous...

“The Math No Longer Works” As Sky-High Mortgages Pop Housing Bubble | Wolf Richter

“After mind-boggling ridiculous spikes, home prices in most markets are dropping. And in some markets, they’re plunging at the fastest pace on record And in some cases, they’re going down...

Stuck In Hell: Fed Creating A Cycle Of Crises It Then ‘Rescues’ Us From | Nomi Prins

We increasingly live in a bifurcated world: there’s the rich, who are doing just fine and then there’s everybody else, who are increasingly just trying to hang on. This is...

Weekly Market Recap: Markets To Drop Further As Fed Crushes Pivot Dreams (Again)?

Financial advisor Lance Roberts and Wealthion host Adam Taggart discuss everything that mattered to markets this week.

Jim Rickards: Surprised? The U.S. Market Looks Best-Positioned In The Long Run

The global economy is stumbling. And not just for financial reasons like the increasing cost of debt. Macro expert James Rickards returns for Part 2 our interview to explain why...

Jim Rickards: Liquidity Crisis + Recession + Unrest – Will 2023 Be Worse Than 2008?

The global economy is stumbling. And not just for financial reasons like the increasing cost of debt. Supply chains remain compromised. We are still having material challenges in both producing...

Stephanie Pomboy: Should Deflation Worry Us More Than Inflation?

The world is understandably panicked about inflation right now. Prices are increasing by double-digit percentages across much of the world. Which is why the Federal Reserve and many other of the major...

Market Rally Or Rollover? | Live Q&A with Expert Financial Advisors: Lance Roberts & New Harbor

New LIVE “money Q&A” with Wealthion’s financial advisors this coming Tues Nov 1st @ 11am ET. You’ll be able to ask any question(s) you like for our experts to answer...

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